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Favorites of France: Class 1

Vive la France! This historic powerhouse of world winemaking continues to be the benchmark for so many winemakers AND wine drinkers. Home to hundreds of iconic wines, one can explore this country for years on end, tasting a different wine every day, and still barely tap into the treasure trove of incredible bottles to be tasted.

Each week in this three part series we taste three different wines from different regions of France, with background on the grapes, the region and the people responsible for the beautiful beverages in our glass!

This class we taste wines from Alsace, the Jura and the Loire Valley.

Wines tasted during class:
2018 Albert Boxler Pinot Blanc
2019 Arbois Pupillon Overnoy Crinquand Ploussard
2019 Marc Bredif Chinon