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Tasting wine is all about engaging the senses.  Whether at a tasting event, planning a personal at-home Somm experience or creating a corporate celebration, Vinolust is the perfect pairing for all of your wine tasting adventures.

Personalized tasting celebrations for individuals or groups, online or in-person, guided by a certified Sommelier.
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Tasting with Vinolust

Bringing the tasting to you

We are flexible, creative, and ready to work with you to create a tasting event that will wow you and your guests.

Tasting Services

In Person Events

Customize an at-home tasting experience for dinners, gatherings or corporate events.  All the knowledge and education available to you, in person, with tasting notes and party packages.

Online Tastings

Book private events that we conduct through the convenience of Zoom Conferencing.  Customized tastings that include guided instruction, tasting notecards and party packages.

Custom Classes

Commission an in-depth class or webinar for your group or event.  Get personalized presentations on any variety of wine topics, including tasting and digital or print packets to accompany the class.

Private tastings and events starting at $500 per event.  Reach out to us to put together your perfect tasting.

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