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Tour of Bordeaux – Southwest France & the Côtes

Overlooked throughout the centuries, the wine culture of Southwest France has lived in the shadow of the more prominent Bordeaux proper. This region as well as the lesser-known but equally wonderful Côtes of Bordeaux is the topic for today’s class. Bordeaux has been one of the most prominent and dominant wine regions of the world throughout history.  Its very name is synonymous with opulence and iconic wines.  Yet the big dollar signs and flashy châteaux are only part of the story.  In this online class series we will explore all aspects of what makes these wines so well-known, the history of the region and the hidden gems that lie within still waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

Wines tasted during this class:
2018 Deux Terroirs Blanc de Sirech
2016 Ch. Jonqueyres Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux
2015 Chateau Cru Godard – Franc Côtes de Bordeaux