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Vinolust Weekly Wine Webinars

Exactly what you need: 30 minutes to sit back, relax and unwind with some wine. 

Wednesdays at 5:00pm PST

Join us every week for a new topic that is all about wine!  Anything from wine styles to grapes to regions to…well, anything!  Just a nice rest from your week where you can learn a little more about something you already love.  So open a bottle at home and join us!

Weekly Wine Webinar – The Business of Wine

How does wine get from the vineyard to your glass?? By travelling through quite a lot of hands!  If you have ever wondered why wine costs what it does and what makes some so expensive, join me to learn a little about each step of the process from vine to you. Any bottle of delicious wine will illustrate this session well.  My bottle of choice will be a 2017 Benjamin Darnault Maury Sec.

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Weekly Wine Webinar – Sherry

This fortified wine from Andalucía, Spain, is one of the most unique yet misunderstood wines in the world.  Learn about the history, region and process that makes these wines so special. Not all sherry is sweet, in fact most is very dry!  Any sherry will work, but I encourage you to find one that is dry (i.e. does not say 'cream' or 'medium' in the name or on the label.) I will be VERY happy opening a bottle of Hidalgo Gobernador Oloroso for this class:)

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Weekly Wine Webinar – Madeira

The fortified wines from this Portuguese Island are unlike any others!  With a rich history and very unique process, these are the perfect wines to have around because they never go bad!  Plus, they are exciting and delicious. Madeira can be tricky to buy, look for a bottle that is NOT made for cooking😊  If possible, try to find one that is labeled ‘Rainwater’ or with a single varietal name (i.e. Sercial, Verdelho, Boal or Malmsey).  For my part I will be sipping on a Broadbent 10 Yr Sercial.

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FREE! Weekly Wine Webinar – Vermouth

Every third Wednesday of the month the Vinolust Weekly Wine Webinar is FREE for everyone to attend! Today we talk about vermouth! Vermouth is an aromatized wine, and one that has received a bad wrap as the filler for vodka or gin martinis.  But this wine is SO much more!  Worth sipping and mixing, vermouth may be your new favorite aperitif.

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Weekly Wine Webinar – Port

Just in time for Thanksgiving, open a bottle of Port to enjoy sipping on after your holiday feast!  As one of the most recognizable fortified wines, the variations and styles of Port are still a mystery to most.  We will talk about how to make port, the different kinds on the shelf and help you figure out which style you like best. Feel free to select any port to enjoy during the class, I am looking forward to sipping on a Warre’s Otima 20 year Tawny for the evening (and the next few!)

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The Weekly Wine Webinars are only $15 each to join, but every third Wednesday of the month is FREE for everyone!
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How the Vinolust Weekly Wine Webinars work:

Topics will be announced via our mailing list and posted here on Monday of each week, along with any recommendation of which wines to buy or open to enjoy during the session.  You can join each week by entering your email address below, and about an hour before the webinar a join link will be sent to the email provided.  There will be a new link every week, so be sure to sign up for each week that you want to join. Our Vinolust webinars are run through Zoom, a free video conferencing app, and you can Click here to learn more about how it works and getting started.  We recommend downloading the app at least 30 minutes prior to your first webinar. While we will be separated by the wonder of technology, I highly encourage everyone to pop open a bottle of wine to enjoy with me during our 30 minute virtual gathering.